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We make professional surveying software easy and enjoyable to use for users with and without surveying background: in construction, utilities, agriculture, forestry, archaeology, cadaster and land surveying.


GeoAce is an augmented reality application that enables you to visualize and collect infrastructure asset data, underground utilities, cadastral boundaries, forestry inventory or to compare and verify planning information. It has been developed for GIS professionals, surveyors, contractors and field service personnel who require to visualize data from various GIS and CAD systems on-site.

GeoAce provides a traditional GIS map view of any drawing data on top of more than 245 background maps or orthophoto imagery plus an augmented reality mode that displays these 3D objects overlaid over the video stream of your iPhone or iPad. You can also collect new features directly from the video stream.

GeoAce runs on iOS and Android devices.

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StockAce allows you to scan stockpiles, pits or trenches and calculate their volume and mass using Augmented Reality on your iPhone or iPad. No additional accessories are needed.

Results are instantly exported on-site to PDF, GeoJSON or e57. No network connectivity is required.

StockAce is designed for iOS devices.

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ScanAce is a professional 3D scanning app for surveyors, construction and utility workers, archeologists, architects, and GIS professionals. It turns your smartphone or tablet into a handheld imaging laser scanner and allows you to precisely capture the reality around you and generate accurate 3D models for planning, documentation or digital twins. 

All processing is done on your device, no other services or cloud connections are needed. Results are exported as RGB point cloud in E57 format or textured mesh in OBJ.

ScanAce is designed for iOS devices with LiDAR scanner.

ITS View

Visualize planned switch boxes, medium voltage stations, high voltage pylons, street lamps, trees and similar, directly on the spot. Choose 3D-objects from your corporate catalog, make on-the-spot adjustments, take measurements, and directly create realistic photos and videos for your planning and affected property owners.

These media files are geo-tagged and watermarked with position information and can be shared via Email.

ITS View uses GNSS and Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) to accurately track the world around it.

ITS View is designed for iOS devices.

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