StockAce - Easy Volumetric Survey

StockAce allows you to scan stockpiles, pits or trenches and calculate their volume and mass using Augmented Reality on your iPhone or iPad. No additional hardware or accessories are needed. StockAce doesn’t rely on GNSS positioning and works also indoors and even in underground mining



  • Dedicated, easy-to-follow workflows for all typical applications
  • Bar- and QR-code support to identify a stockpile
  • Processing on the device, no network connection or cloud software needed
  • User defined material lists
  • Variance: less than 3%

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Stockpile volume in a few Minutes

Simply walk around a free-standing stockpile or pit and scan its surface with your iPhone or iPad. You can define the toe-point polygon and reference plane by measuring it with the crosshairs on the video screen or by using one or more ground control markers (GCPs) which are detected automatically by StockAce.

Stockpiles of up to 10 meters height can be scanned without the need to walk on the stockpile. Our customers scanned successfully stockpiles of 20,000 m3 and more.

You can use any iPhone 6s and newer or iPad for this workflow.

StockAce free-standing stockpile

StockAce aggregates bunker

Bunker workflow

A new workflow, especially designed for stockpiles within a bunker or silo, make volumetric surveys easy. You can save a bunker design for quick setup and repeated surveys. You can use bar- or QR-codes to identify the bunker or stockpile.

The bunker workflow requires iPhones or iPads with a LiDAR sensor (iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro or iPad Pro).

Underground mining and Storage halls

Because StockAce doesn’t rely on GNSS positioning, you can use it also to scan stockpiles in storage halls or even in underground mining. For these applications in very low light conditions, we recommend iOS devices with a LiDAR sensor.

StockAce Underground mining

StockAce 3D view

Instant Results on-site

All processing is done directly on the iOS device. You don’t need any network connectivity or additional software packages or cloud subscriptions. After a scan, StockAce generates a PDF report and a 3D view of the stockpile. Reports can be simply emailed to the office. In addition, you can also export the point cloud in CSV or E57 format for further processing in your package of choice.

You can customize StockAce by using your own logo for the PDF report and import your specific list of materials to calculate masses accurately.


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