The easiest way to learn everything about our Augmented Reality solutions and how to use it is by watching our video tutorials. So just relax and let us walk you through the software. If you require further support, please contact our support team. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can also download the Getting Started Guide as PDF from here.


General Overview

This video will walk you through the main features of GeoAce and gives you an overview of the main functionality. For more detailed "How to?", please watch the following tutorials.


Create a Task & Import Data

This video shows how to create a new task, import data from various formats and select a coordinate system.


Show Data on a Map

This video demonstrates how to show imported linework on-top of various background maps and how to store map tiles for offline use.



Visualize Data in Augmented Reality

In this video we will show how imported data can be visualized in Augmented Reality view and overlaid to the video stream. This is the best way to locate subsurface utility pipes, boundaries or other features.



Calibrate your imported Data to the Real-world Features

This video shows you how you can match your imported data with real-world features by using reference features.



Collect Data with GeoAce

In this video we will demonstrate how you can collect new data in Augmented Reality view with high precision.


Connect external GNSS receivers to GeoAce

To improve accuracy and to avoid a manual calibration process it might be beneficial to connect external, survey-grade, GNSS receivers like the Trimble R1, R2, the Leica GG04 plus or other NMEA sources. This video guides you through the necessary steps.


Assign Tasks to Co-workers

This video demonstrates how you can assign tasks to co-workers and how to accept assigned tasks.



Export Tasks and Create a Sketch

This video shows you possible export functions and demonstrates how to create a field sketch of you new survey and export it as a PDF file.



Configure your data model in Feature Manager

This video guides you step by step through the configuration of your data model with layer, style, and color control.