The STONEX S580 is a compact and lightweight GNSS receiver, but at the same time performing with centimeter accuracy.

The S580 tracks double frequency signals and works with all satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS). Compared to traditional GIS products, the S580 is an intelligent, high precision data acquisition receiver that can be worn or mounted on a pole, offering greater freedom of movement and flexibility.

The S580 can communicate with external devices like a tablet, a smartphone or a PC through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Thanks to the internal web interface the receiver can be configured and prepared to receive RTK differential corrections and connected to our GeoAce software.

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Flexible mounting and carrying options


The S580 receiver that can be worn or mounted on a pole, offering greater freedom of movement and flexibility.

You can use the belt case or arm support, or mount it on top of a pole using the standard 5/8" thread.

For the use together with GeoAce, we recommend the pole mounting option. Use just a short 25 cm carbon-fibre pole extension, and you'll have a very lightweight and flexible handheld solution, ideal for our Augmented Reality solutions.

Stonex S580 with GeoAce

S580 WiFi

Versatile Communication Options


The STONEX S580 integrates flexible communication options: You can connect your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth or WiFi.

The S580 includes a WebUi to configure the receiver to your needs. No other configuration software is necessary. To receive Ntrip correction data, you can use the integrated Ntrip Client in GeoAce.

Small, Lightweight, and Powerful

With a total weight of just 313 g, the S580 is the most lightweight, surveying-grade GNSS receiver on the market. The STONEX S580 uses an integrated Li-ion battery with 6.120 mAh which provides power for a full, very long working day of 10 or more hours.

It can be fully charged in less than 4 hours using an USB wall charger or a power bank over USB-C.

Stonex S580