eSurvey E300 Pro

eSurvey E300 Pro NextGen


The eSurvey E300 Pro NextGen is a powerful, multi-constellation and multi-band GNSS receiver with centimeter, survey-grade precision. The receiver tracks all available satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS. With only 940 g, it is one of the most lightweight professional GNSS receivers on the market. It features an integrated UHF radio with compatible protocols to Trimble, Leica and Topcon. It extends the use of our GeoAce Augmented Reality solution.

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Tilt compensation up to 60 degrees


The eSurvey E300 Pro NextGen is equipped with a powerful, calibration-free IMU which allows tilt compensated measurements up to 60 degrees tilt. The IMU is free from magnetic interference and provides 3 cm accuracy with tilt values up to 30 degrees and 5 cm accuracy with tilt values up to 60 degrees.

Tilt compensation improves and speeds up topographic surveys and stakeout. You don't need to hold the survey pole vertically. It allows measurements into building corners and other difficult to reach features.

eSurvey E300 Pro IMU

eSurvey E300 Pro IMU

Built-in 4G modem, BT, WiFi and UHF radio


The eSurvey E300 Pro NextGen integrates flexible communication options: The integrated 4G modems allows for easy setup, high-speed internet connection for various Ntrip services. The network connection can be shared with the connected controller and provides internet connectivity as well. 

You can connect your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth or WiFi. The E300 Pro includes a WebUi to configure the receiver to your needs. No other configuration software is necessary.

The integrated UHF radio (410-470 MHz) is compatible with all major communication protocols used by Trimble, Leica, Topcon or others. It can be configured to easily connect to another manufacturer's base station.

12 hours on a single charge

The eSurvey E300 Pro NextGen uses an integrated Li-ion battery with 6.900 mAh which provides power for a full, very long working day. It can be fully charged in less than 4 hours using an USB wall charger or a power bank over USB-C.

A smart battery indicator gives you instant information about the receiver's current charge without the need to connect to a software or turn it on.

eSurvey E300 Pro battery

eSurvey E300 Pro Atlas

Satellite Correction Service

No need to worry if your jobs gets you to areas without cellular connectivity. The integrated L-band antenna and the Atlas GNSS Global Correction Service provide correction data almost anywhere in the world.

You can chose from 3 service levels: H10 provides 4 cm horizontal precision, H30 provides 15 cm and Atlas Basic gives you 30 cm positioning accuracy on land and off-shore.